OK, before you get all over me about being in the "real" world, just give me a minute to explain ;-)

I bought a set of plans for the Joli boat from Philip Thiel. Unfortunately, this is not the right "season" in my life to really start building a boat. So, should I just wait and dream, or should I make some kind of forward progress?

My intent here is to keep a journal of my progress. I'll be using Google Sketchup to build my virtual boat. I'm sure that along the way I'll run across problems that need solving, trouble keeping on task, and moments of inspiration.

I'll include pictures and video as I progress. Click on any picture if you'd like to see it larger.

Maybe I'm crazy, but follow along and see what you think

Friday, February 6, 2009

A Study in Shape

I’ve been having fun putting some shape to my ideas. It’s exciting to start to see some of the things I’ve been dreaming about.

The videos speak for themselves really. I won’t have much to say for this entry.

I haven’t worked in any detail yet, but I wanted to have some general shapes to start working with.

Larger Video

I’ve had some concern about the exterior space available on the Joli. The front and rear cockpits are only about 3 feet long. This seems somewhat crowded and I believe it needs to be revisited. I’m just not sure where to gain space. I like the dimensions available inside so I don’t think I can gain much there, and yet I’m not sure that I want the boat to be longer than about 23 feet. This will need some more thought.

Larger Video

I’m going to continue sketching out some general ideas to start seeing how things fit together overall. I’ll be able to come back to these drawings when I start building my virtual frames.

See you soon.

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